After Extinction

After Extinction

The album is housed in a Super Jewell Case and contains a full colour booklet (with lyrics). These are more resilient than the regular Jewel cases and are typically more resilient to scratches and damage than the traditional CD case. We’ve used the replication method for these CD's which is of a much higher quality. These are replicated to the highest industry standards.

After Extinction is the 5th album from Kaine and features the same line-up as 2019’s Reforge The Steel.

After Extinction sees the band takes an overall heavier, more aggressive, and faster approach to their sound than on previous releases.

The album will release on Monday, 19th of September 2022. Digital pre-orders are just £1 while CD pre-orders are just £13.
released September 19, 2022

Rage Sadler: Vocals, Rhythm, and Lead Guitars
Liam Etheridge: Drums and Backing Vocals
Toby Woods: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, and Backing Vocals
Isaac Healy: Bass
Heidi Crowell: Keys and Harmony Vocals

Additional Backing Vocals: Talon Payne
All Solos by Toby Woods

All lyrics by Sadler except Left Behind and Bright (Etheridge)
All music by Etheridge, Healy, Sadler, and Woods

Produced by Kaine

All instruments were recorded by
Wayne Thompson (Unit One Studios)
Guitar, Bass, and Drum Edits also by
Wayne Thompson (Unit One Studios)
Keys and Harmony Vocals Recorded by
Wayne Thompson (Unit One Studios)

All vocals were recorded
by Talon Payne (Gallow Wood Media)
Additional instrument edits, and vocal edits
by Talon Payne (Gallow Wood Media)

Artwork by Silencer8
Photographs by Rachel Woods (Rachel W Photography)

Rage Sadler is endorsed by Blackstar Amplification and Rotosound Guitar Strings