Reforge The Steel

Reforge The Steel

Released October 18, 2019

Available on CD only, Reforge The Steel is Kaine’s fourth studio album which contains 8 new tracks written and recorded between May 2018 and June 2019. The album is a straight-up New Wave of British Heavy Metal and Judas Priest-influenced release.

The CD is housed in a Super Jewel Case and contains a full-colour lyric book.

Recorded at Redwall Studios in Bury, Greater Manchester, and produced by Carl B and Sheldon Jolly. Additional engineering was done by Talon Payne of Gallow Wood Media.

Rage Sadler: Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitars, and Vocals
Liam Etheridge: Drums and backing Vocals
Toby Woods: Lead Guitars, Rhythm Guitars, and backing vocals
Isaac Healy: Bass
Hallam Smith: Keyboards on the Dragon Reborn
Talon Payne: Backing Vocals

All music by Etheridge/Healy/ Sadler/Woods except "Wake" (Davids/Etheridge/Healy/Sadler/Woods) and "The Dragon Reborn" (Etheridge/Healy/Sadler/Smith/Woods) with contributions from Sheldon Jolly, all lyrics by Sadler, all solos by Woods except solo 1 in "I am God, the Master of Mankind" (Sadler) and solo 2 of Black (single version) by Anthony Murch.